New figures have shown that more than 17 million mobile phones and other electrical gadgets are sent straight to landfill sites when people could recycle them instead.

One in three adults that throws away one of the items is giving up the chance of being able to sell their mobile phones in exchange for cash.

Senior policy adviser on climate change at Engineering Employers Federation – the association representing British manufacturers – Susanne Baker told the Independent that electronic equipment in particular is rich with materials that are in high demand but scarce in supply.

Founder and chairman of Forum for the Future, a charity dedicated to sustainable business, Jonathan Porritt added: "In such difficult times, with austerity the order of the day, sustainability keeps on delivering real benefits for customers, communities and shareholders."

O2 today (February 7th) announced it's three-year sustainability plan that is likely see a number of people try and do their bit by recycling.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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