Microsoft invitations have officially confirmed rumours that the Windows Phone 8 (WP8) operating system will be unveiled on October 29th.

One shows the flagship HTC 8X handset with a vibrant blue casing. The interface is colourful, with attractive blocks for each tool.

A Facebook and Skype application are present, with the Internet Explorer browser, email and calendar tools also easily accessible from the home screen.

Other designs showcase the lower-end HTC handset, the 8S, as well as the much anticipated Nokia offerings.

The Lumia 920 is the Finnish manufacturer's high-end smartphone, which has innovative PureView camera technology.

Nokia has a partnership with the software creator, promising to exclusively utilise Windows Phone operating systems on its devices.

The company recently announced that it would put its own firmware, Symbian, into maintenance mode.

Google is hosting an event on the same day, perhaps to showcase the LG Nexus 4 device and/or announce Android software upgrades.

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