There has been some confusion over the future of the Nokia brand with Android operating systems ever since the company was acquired earlier this year by Microsoft. But it seems like the Windows Phone OS maker has finally come to a final decision, announcing that no phones developed in the future will be built with the Google OS as standard.

When Microsoft first purchased Nokia, it was announced that the Nokia brand would be killed off altogether, making way for a new brand of Windows Phone, which would make for a better promotion of Microsoft's own operating system, which has been the standard OS on most of Nokia's smartphones, including its most popular Lumia range.

However, this seemed to be a decision that it went back on last month when it teased and then announced the Nokia X2, a sequel to the Nokia X, which was released in February of this year. It seemed a strange move, given that Microsoft now owned Nokia, to release a phone that used its rival, Google's, operating system rather than its own.

And despite the good reception that the second Android Nokia received, it seems that Microsoft has now decided to bring that particular experiment to an end, after it announced that no future phones in development will carry the Android operating system. 

Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella confirmed the decision in a letter that went out to all employees at the same time as Microsoft announced that some 18,000 jobs will be shed, including 14,500 in its Nokia branch.

"We plan to shift selected Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows. This builds on our success in the affordable smartphone space and aligns with our focus on Windows Universal Apps," Nadella said. 

Moving forward, it will retain the plans to release the Nokia X2 with Android packed as standard but afterwards it is thought that Microsoft will start to focus on releasing cheaper and more budget-friendly Lumia handsets.

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