A new survey as found that nearly £659 million worth of valuable materials are being thrown into landfill sites or burned in the UK each year.

This is despite rising costs for natural resources such as rare earth metals, campaigners have warned.

A coalition of business groups and environmentalists said products ranging from steel, rubber and earth metals – necessary for making the likes of mobile phones – will become increasingly costly.

This comes after a survey conducted by the EEF (Engineering Employers Federation) found that four-fifths of senior manufacturing executives thought limited access to raw materials was already a business risk.

Figures compiled in February found that more than 17 million mobile phones and other electrical gadgets are sent straight to landfill sites instead of recycling them.

“While the current action plan was a step in the right direction, it currently falls short of meeting the challenges we will face where obtaining new resources will become more difficult and costly,” EEF’s head of climate and environment policy Gareth Stace commented.

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