The new Google Play 4.0 marketplace could be released for mobile phone users alongside Key Lime Pie.

The update from 3.10.14 to presumably what should be 4.0, could be released next month. Although it's been a while since Google updated its marketplace, mobile phone users may not have to wait much longer to get their hands on the more polished look.

The biggest change so far from Google was when they ditched the Android Market name in favour of the Google Play title alongside a big rehaul of the site.

Although version 4.0 is still in development previews shown in a video by Droidlife reveals that Google has made a sleeker, more clean interface for its store.

App lists look tidier with larger icons than users will be used to, although this may not suit everyone as it means that less results can be shown at once so customers will be having to scroll to get to all their apps.

Google has yet to release details of when the new look Google Play will arrive but it could make an announcement at the company's event in May.

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