Mobile phone recycling is being encouraged by Motorola as part of a new initiative to highlight the practice.

It was announced this week that the manufacturer has given its backing to the Earth Day Network and Green Apple Festival, by sponsoring its operations and plans to educate consumers.

As part of the global initiative, Motorola will be showcasing its Moto W233 Renew model, which is the first handset to come with a full accreditation marking its carbon neutral production.

Karen Tandy, senior vice president of public affairs and communications at Motorola said the phone was just one thing the firm was doing to boost its green credentials.

"With products like Renew, our recycling initiatives and partnerships with leading environmental organizations … we’re able to drive environmentally responsible innovation in the world of technology," she explained.

The Moto W233 Renew was announced earlier this year and is partially created from recycled plastic bottles.

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