Men in Manchester spend more time on their mobile phone to their mum than any other city, research has suggested.

Research carried out by found that 58 per cent of the time that men from the city spend on the phone is to their mums, a higher percentage than any other UK city.

Men in Glasgow were found to spend the least time on the phone to their mums, with just four per cent of their calls being used for this.

Neil McHugh, managing director of, said: “This piece of research has really helped us to identify the types of deals and offers that we should be targeting specific regions with.”

He added that the research was interesting as it revealed that many men spent more time on the phone to their mums than they did with their partner or wife.

Vodafone has recently launched its Sure Signal, which promises to provide users with an improved level of 3G coverage and could ensure that calls be made without fear of a low signal.

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