To those who remember using a Nokia 3210, there wasn’t much that you could do with the phone aside from use it to call people, send texts, play snake (of course) and spend hours scouring the back of television magazines for the best new ringtone to purchase.

My, how times have changed, nowadays those who own smartphones can use their device to send work emails, browse the internet, keep tabs on how much they are eating or how much water they have drunk per day, listen to and download music, check their social media platforms and even swipe for potential future romantic partners on various dating apps.

When you think about it, the sheer amount in which the world of mobile phones has come on over the past ten years or so is absolutely astounding and smartphones are now so much more than just a communication tool.

A new study commissioned by Hailo, which is itself a taxi booking app (see, you really can do everything on your smartphone now!) found that making a phone call is now the sixth most common use a person has for a mobile phone.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, an average of one hour and 52 minutes per day is spent on their device, and if they aren’t being used anymore to mainly make phone calls, what is it that they are doing?

Well, according to the survey, they are most likely to be sending or reading text messages, which came in as the first and second more popular puropses for a smartphone nowadays.

While this may not be that surprising given that text messages have been a feature for a fairly long time now, the third most common use is now for reading emails, perhaps highlighting just how much smartphones have changed the way in which we work, and the amount of time we spend doing so, especially if you have your work email set up on your device.

Browsing the internet came in at number four with setting an alarm clock in at number five, suggesting that this may spell the end for the traditional device created to ensure that you get up for work or school in time.

After making phone calls at number six, smartphones users can be found sending emails, checking the time or using their smartphone’s calculator.

Unsurprisingly, checking Facebook was also featured in the survey and came in as the tenth most popular purpose for using a smartphone.

Tom Barr, Hailo’s chief executive, said: ‘The functions on a smartphone have developed and improved drastically over the past decade.

‘With so many ways to keep in touch nowadays, people are using the functions that are convenient for them.

‘As we get less and less time to ourselves, we need more convenience in our lives and less hassle. While calling can be more personal, it doesn’t always save you time.’

In fact, the study found that making phone calls to your loved ones has taken a back seat so much that almost four in ten smartphone users said that they would  manage their smartphone just fine if it came without a call function.

Only time will tell what smartphones will be used mostly for in the future.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801757885-ADNFCR

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