The design used for the “impressive” Samsung Soul has cropped up once again – and this time it is available in pink, it has been claimed.

In a piece for Trusted Reviews, Sandra Vogel looks at the South Korean manufacturer’s S7300 and notes that although it is not a high-specification device, it does have some attractive features.

The affordable monthly tariff and “excellent battery life” are two of the points highlighted and the design is also praised as something that has succeeded in the past.

“Samsung did something quite impressive with its Soul U900,” she explains, “a slider with a front screen and a small touch panel where you’d more usually find a navigation button.”

Ms Vogel goes on to suggest that employing this layout for the S7300, which is also known as the Light Edge, helps make the handset “a nice phone at a nice price”.

The fact that the S7300 is available in pink could also make it more appealing to buyers – including those recycling mobile phones to fund the purchase of a new model.

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