Consumers might be wise to look to the future when trading in mobiles by ensuring their new device boasts organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

Dan Grabham, deputy editor of, explained the software is set to have a massive impact on touchscreens over the coming months and years.

He suggested that while it is already used in several handsets on the market, it will explode and break on to the scene in the near future.

"The benefit is that these displays are far more energy efficient than LCD tech, while they can also be thicker and more robust," Mr Grabham stated.

He went on to add that OLED screens can also be rolled up, so the prospect of a foldable tablet or gadget is a realistic one.

One of the latest models available to customers that features a hi-tech touchscreen is the Samsung Galaxy R, which was released recently and includes a 4.19-inch display.

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