People in London who often drink in the city's pubs and bars have been given a new reason to sell mobiles and switch to a smartphone that provides access to the internet.

BT has confirmed that free Wi-Fi is to be made available to customers at almost 100 drinking venues across the capital.

The Heineken hubs will offer access to the web at almost 300 establishments by the end of 2012, after the beer producer teamed up with the telecommunications giant.

Chris Bruce, chief executive officer at BT Openzone, said: "Using Wi-Fi to deliver free and exclusive content, Heineken is engaging and exciting pub goers and will undoubtedly increase business. It's an exciting time."

However, in order to take advantage, consumers will need to own a device that supports Wi-Fi connectivity, such as an Apple iPhone.

Nikki Moore, founder of, recently said that mobile broadband is one of the most important considerations for people looking for a new handset.

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