Londoners might be interested in recycling mobile phones and upgrading to an internet-enabled device following a broadband boost in the capital.

O2 has announced it is today (November 14th) switching on its first 4G long-term evolution network in the English capital.

It suggested this will offer consumers a glimpse of the future of internet technology and trigger access to high speeds around the city.

More than 25 4G sites have been set up in London and they combine to cover an area that is larger than 40 sq km.

Ronan Dunne, chief executive officer at Telefonica UK (O2), said: "Today's launch of the UK's first 4G London trial network demonstrates our commitment to delivering 4G to our customers at the earliest opportunity."

A recent study by Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), compiled by analyst firm Informa, found the number of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world is set to grow from the current level of 1.3 million to 5.8 million by 2015.

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