A young eco enthusiast has offered some words of wisdom which could encourage some to recycle mobilephones.

The Peninsula Gateway reported this week that a US-based eight-year-old has expressed his desire for the public to be more willing to engage in environmental initiatives.

Matt Danstrom told the publication that while out with his older brother, he saw perfectly recyclable waste being loaded on to a rubbish truck – and this caused him to take action.

The miniature eco warrior is now involved in an email campaign that tells readers about the ten million square miles of rubbish sat in the Pacific Ocean and how reusing items could help avoid things like this.

“If we get them all around the world, it can be stopped. Next thing you know, the world will be clean,” the child urged.

At the recent Green IT Expo, Datamonitor and Ovum spokesman Warren Wilson told visitors to technology had a major role to play in saving the planet.

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