Manufacturer LG has said that it wants to secure its place in the UK market, which it describes as one of the toughest mobile phone industries in the world.

The firm’s head of mobile communications in Europe, Won Kim, told TechRadar that the UK is a two horse race at the moment as it is dominated by Apple and Samsung, but vowed to change this.

He also pointed out that LG has a strong number three position in a lot of European countries and assured that the company would do the same in the UK.

The head told TechRadar in Seoul: “We are very weak in the UK market but it’s time for us to challenge this most difficult market this year and we must do something in order to establish a footprint in the UK.”

LG’s official admitted it has made a “sluggish” start to launching phones here, but is confident in the latest flagship devices like its Optimus G.

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