The new Viewty Smart mobile phone is much more advanced than its predecessor, according to manufacturer LG.

Launching the LG-GC900 handset this week, the company said it had “significantly upgraded” a number of the device’s software and hardware features to improve the user’s experience.

The eight-megapixel phone is now one the smallest of its kind in the marketplace, with 12.4 mm thickness and a weight of 102 g.

In addition, its resolution is 60 per cent greater than that of the five-megapixel Viewty, making it much better for creating large prints.

Furthermore, changes have been made to the camera’s light sensitivity, enabling users in dimly-lit spaces to capture pictures in “crisp and clear” detail.

President and chief executive of LG Electronics’ mobile phone division Dr Skott Ahn suggested the Viewty illustrates his firm’s dedication to raising the bar for camera handsets.

“It is the most advanced eight-megapixel camera phone on the market not only because of it high quality specs, but because of the unparalleled user experience it delivers,” he remarked.

The five-megapixel Viewty was deemed to be a big success for LG, selling 550,000 copies in Europe within 50 days of its launch.

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