The LG G Flex may have only just been unveiled but it appears that the company may already be planning the next version of the flexible mobile phone.

Rumours suggest that the company is already thinking of producing a LG G Flex 2, which could be capable of bending to almost 90 degrees without breaking or damaging the handset. It is thought that LG would achieve this by using hard rubber for the body of the handset.

This is according to ZDNet Korea, which suggests that LG is already scoping out for mass production of the bendy smartphone. If the information is accurate, it could mean that the device would arrive at some point next year.

However, at the moment LG hasn't released anything official about its plans for any successor to the G Flex.  

It appears that LG could have some competition as it is thought that Samsung is also in the process of developing a flexible device.

Posted by Samantha Green

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