Korean smartphone company LG is looking to use its newest flagship device to rid itself of one of its more irritating reputations, if rumours on the internet are anything to go by.

Its previous high-end handsets have often been criticised for being ‘fingerprint magnets’ showing off any and every touch no matter how the phone is held, but according to leak sites, it is looking to cast off this reputation with the release of the upcoming LG G3.

Rumours have been rife for some time that the firm would be looking to upgrade its offering this year, bringing to the market a new handset with a metal casing that would put it among the prime market rather than just the higher end of the smartphone budget.

However, this has now been more strongly suggested by trusted leak site @evleaks, which has posted on Twitter a picture which appears to show the rear casing of the much anticipated LG G3 smartphone.

The housing of the flagship device appears to be a brushed metal as opposed to the plastic chassis that the company normally offers its customers, and @evleaks’ caption alongside the picture read “LG G3, fingerprint-magnet no more,” which will surely set customers’ minds at rest and leave many owners of previous LG models looking to trade in their phone to get their hands on the newer device.

This is not the only thing that will brighten the moods of LG owners though, with the leak site also having access to another image that appears to show that the rear casing of the phone, and subsequently the battery, can be removed.

It is a trait that is far less common in the modern age of smartphones, with the majority of companies looking to seal their devices.

A removable battery means that consumers can replace it themselves when it starts to lose its ability to hold power in later life, a trait that many are sure to welcome, if it is indeed to be a reality for the new LG handset. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801718288-ADNFCR

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