An environmentally-friendly mobile phone has been announced by LG Electronics MobileComm USA and Sprint.

The LG Remarq is 87 per cent recyclable and has an outer casing that is made from 19 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic, making it easier to recycle the mobile phones when people have finished with them.

LG’s Remarq has low levels of brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride, two materials which are highlighted in green electronics guidelines as needing to be reduced.

The handset also comes with an Eco Calculator application so customers can work out their carbon dioxide savings by choosing to walk or cycle, rather than drive.

Corporate vice-president of marketing and innovation for LG mobile phones Ehtisham Rabbani said: “We’re continually finding new ways to weave recyclable alternatives throughout our product line-up, continuing to show our commitment to change.”

LG also recently announced two other new handsets, the LG Cookie Fresh and LG Cookie Plus.

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