Consumers who sell mobilephones for cash may find the LG GD510 Pop is a suitable replacement.

The device was put to the test this week by, which suggested the device follows the GD500 Cookie in being a touchscreen enabled mobile that is affordable and stylish.

However, the review explained the older of the two now seems “clunky next to the Pop’s smaller minimalist faux-metallic chassis.”

Despite this, the article draws attention to the fact that the South Korean company has still managed to “squeeze in a three-inch resistive touchscreen” and a host of social networking options.

The GD510 carries a three-megapixel camera, EDGE connectivity and a music player that the site said is “nicely featured and easy to control”.

LG unveiled the device to the world on September 30th this year, drawing attention to its affordability and simplicity -two features that could make it all the more attractive to those recycling mobile phones.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw

Written by Mazuma

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