People planning to recycle an old mobile in order to cut their carbon footprint may find replacing the handset with an LG GD910 could help them boost their green credentials further.

The South Korean manufacturer recently announced it is determined to do all it can to minimise the impact of its phones on the planet.

President and chief executive officer Dr Skott Ahn outlined the group’s sustainability targets.

He stated: "By 2012, LG plans to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by our products to a level 15 per cent lower than 2007 by enhancing the energy efficiency of our main products."

Dr Ahn concluded by saying the company would continue setting itself such goals and assured customers it is focused on both its environmental and social responsibilities.

The company’s latest range of handsets also includes models like the KF900 Prada – which Zikkir World recently claimed "reeks of fashion and stylishness".

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