More photographs have appeared of the upcoming LG Nexus 4 mobile phone, which were picked up by AndroidPolice.

The photographs looks fairly official and show the Google-backed device to have a black front, but with a distinctive white back.

It has appeared before, at the Google conference last week, but it wasn’t officially announced, which only further fuelled the rumours that have been circulating since the start of the year.

With these professional shots now emerging, previous reports that the monochrome LG Nexus 4 may gatecrash Apple’s big announcement at the WWDC event on June 10th, are looking more likely.

There is also speculation surrounding whether or not the device will include a 32GB version as its black-predecessor only came with eight and 16GB options.

Specifications are also unconfirmed at this point but numerous people are hoping, if not expecting, the device to sport the latest version of the Android operating system 4.3.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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