Those looking to sell old mobilephones in favour of a new model may wish to consider the LG range.

It has been announced that the manufacturer was selected for 14 separate awards at a resent design event, a number of which were for its innovative series of handsets.

The red dot and iF awards – an annual event that last year saw the LG Viewty, Venus and Voyager scoop honours – praised the company for two of its flagship models.

LG’s eight-megapixel KC910 Renoir cameraphone was one of those offered an award as well as the Secret KF750.

Paul Bae, head of the company’s corporate design, said it was style and functionality that was key to the ethos of its mobile phone products.

"We are committed to bringing consumers a refreshing and unique experience with the products they use every day," he added.

Other winners on the night included LG’s MSB-200 Bluetooth speaker and its GD910 3G watch phone.

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