The stylish good looks and innovative controls of one handset appear to have impressed two different reviewers this week.

According to Mobile Burn writer Russell Jefferies, the LG GD900 Crystal is an “intriguing” device that boasts a transparent keypad that allows it to be controlled in the same way as a touchscreen device.

However, as this panel is a slide-out facility at the base of the unit, he added this means the display itself does not need to be blocked by your finger.

Mr Jeffries explained that the South Korean manufacturer had been able to tie this functionality in with the S-class user interface – previously seen on the LG Arena – in a way that is “rather unique”.

Elsewhere, Flora Graham wrote in an article for Cnet that the see-through panel and touch-sensitive facilities were “handy”, but added the fact there was “hardly any surface [on the phone] that doesn’t set off some response” was a concern.

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