The new LG GD880 is the first mobile phone to support 3-Way Sync service.

LG is expecting people to trade in their old mobiles to get their hands on the new development that was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress on February 16th.

The new LG Mini, as the LG GD880 is known, will enable users to continually sync data on their phones with information like photos and browser history on their PCs.

LG Air Sync, the new technology, is the company’s response to the need to allow easy access to one set of data across multiple devices.

This is a challenge it identifies as one of the big battlegrounds in the future mobile phone market.

Dr Skott Ahn, the president and chief executive officer of LG Electronics mobile, said: “We have developed the LG Mini, which offers technological integration with its unique LG Air Sync service, in response to this trend.”

On February 10th LG announced the launch of the LG GT350 and the LG GS290 – two phones specifically designed with social networking in mind.

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