A rethink of one of the most controversial and divisive features on one of the biggest surprise devices of last year could see its successor achieve even more success than its older sibling, according to new reports.

In the latter part of 2013, LG released its newest flagship device, the LG G2, which was designed to set the cat among the pigeons and attack the hierarchy.

And it proved its worth, becoming the real surprise package as the Korean firm saw itself challenge the biggest competitors’ devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5S and the Sony Xperia Z1 among others.

However, many users did not trade in their phones to take advantage of the slightly cheaper and more affordable LG G2, largely because its design left much to be desired in the eyes of critics.

The problem? It had its volume rocker on the rear of the phone, a design quirk that set it aside from the rest of the market – where the rockers are traditionally set on the side of the device – but left it open to criticism.

Those who were not keen said that the rocker protruded too far and made it hard to use the phone comfortably, because it made holding the phone awkward.

A year on, however, and LG is sticking to its guns, only it has now made changes that it believes will allow its new device, the LG G3, to stand out as unique, while rectifying the previous issue.

A new leaked image from GSM Arena, a trusted source for rumours about the latest devices in the market, appears to show that LG has retained the rear-mounted rocker for its new flagship.

The difference this time is that the rocker appears to be totally flat, allowing users to make use of their device without having to sacrifice comfort, as well as making it possible to lay the phone flat, something many said they could not do with the previous model.

With the LG G3 likely to land in the next three months to compete with the biggest players in the market, though, will this feature once again hinder its progress, or will the uniqueness attract an all new target audience? Only time will tell.

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