A Youtube user has put his mobile phone through rigorous testing to see how well it can withstand and recover from damage.

The LG G Flex is well known for its flexibility. However, it is also coated with a polymer that can repair scratches and recover its original shape.

LG sought to prove this by scratching a G Flex and a ‘standard’ phone with bronze brushes. Both phones got damaged, however after a few hours the G Flex had completely recovered.

LG performed this experiment in a very warm room, which allows the polymer to soften and ‘heal’ better. However, Youtube user Marques Brownlee gave it a more vigorous test.

Mr Brownlee scratched his phone with keys and scored it with a knife. The G Flex recovered fully from the keys, and halfway from the knife scratches.

This was performed at room temperature, so whether the G Flex could recover from a knife wound in LG’s conditions is yet to be seen.

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