Those recycling mobile phones to buy a new Bluetooth headset may be interested in a recent article for the Trusted Reviews website.

In a piece for the online gadget news portal, Niall Magennis looks at the Bluetrek Duo Stereo device and suggests the gadget could be an essential purchase for those who like their music on the go.

He states although many people are faced with the tough decision of having wireless headphones or a mono, hands-free calling solution, this particular model could help.

This is because the unit acts as both – making it a great purchase for those music-lovers who do not want to miss a call.

“The Bluetrek Duo Stereo on the whole is a fairly decent performer. It works well as a headset and the sound quality from the supplied headphones is also impressive,” he explains.

Bluetrek offer a number of other hands-free facilities that can be paired up with the latest phones – including a range of in-car systems.

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