Motorola has followed up its ROKR, RAZR and Aura devices with a new model that targets users who are constantly on-the-go.

The latest phone goes by the name of the Moto W7 Active and incorporates a host of features that could make it a great purchase for those looking to keep fit who are currently recycling mobile phones.

It is claimed that with a motion-enabled 3G1 sensor and integrated accelerometer, the device could be a popular choice for healthy bodies – but a spokesman for the firm added this is not the only appeal of the W7 Active.

Alain Mutricy, senior-vice president of Motorola Mobile Devices, said enjoyment was another feature that users could expect.

“The accelerometer technologies put a new spin on the traditional relationship we have with our phone by not only simplifying how you use it, but making it more fun in the process,” he explained.

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