People may like to trade in their old mobile and switch to a smartphone, after the importance of the newest models was once again emphasised by an expert.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced smartphones and their apps are to be added to the basket of staple items that is used to gauge the country's inflation.

It is suggested the tools have become such an intrinsic part of life that they are now more widespread than mobile downloads.

ONS statistician Phil Gooding said: "Many of these new items show the way technology is changing our lives. Powerful smartphones and the applications that run on them have become essential for many when communicating or seeking information."

Other items said to have grown at such a rate include large televisions of more than 32 inches and dating websites.

The Environment Agency this week launched a new app for the iPhone that enables UK citizens to keep up with all the latest flood warnings, perhaps illustrating the benefits of such a device.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Written by Mazuma

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