The numerous parents who have been ignored by their children while trying to get through to them on their mobiles will no doubt be rejoicing at the creation of the new app Ignore No More.

Created by Sharon Standifird, a mother from Texas, the Android app allows parents to lock their child’s smartphone should they ignore their parents’ calls, making sure that they, well, don’t ignore them any more!

When activated, the app stops the child from being able to make phone calls or text anyone from their phone aside from their parents and the emergency services. They will even find that they can’t get online!

Parents of children who refuse to answer their calls are able to set a password that can unlock the phone, encouraging he or she to ring back as soon as possible to obtain the passcode so they can continue to use the device.

Only one master device is actually needed to control the whole household of phones, although more can be added if needed. It may not be great news for the kids, however, as parents can register as many accounts as they want to the app!

Parents whose children think themselves to be tech whizzes need not worry. Should their child try to disable the admin role, their phone will lock and the parent will receive an email message exclaiming: ‘WARNING CHILD TAMPERING WITH IGNORE NO MORE!’

The app is available to download on Google Play and is compatible with Samsung, Nexus, HTC and LG phones at the moment. Whether or not the app does help to make unruly children listen to their parents more remains to be seen, but we can’t see this being too popular with the kids!

Ignore No More isn’t the first app created for the more fearful parent. Find My Kids, which is available on iTunes, uses GPS in real time to let you locate where your child is at any given time. It is handy if your child is travelling alone to meet friends or if you want to know if they are going to be home in time for dinner. You are able to save the data and look at it later if you worry your child has gone elsewhere, and only those with permission are able to see the information.

If you really need peace of mind, there are apps which take Big Brother to a whole new level by actually letting you watch live video feeds from any room in your house on your smartphone! However, each room that is being monitored must have a constantly running computer with a webcam, as well as having the app’s software installed. While this is arguably useful for those with younger children in knowing that they are safe, again, it’s unlikely that older children and teenagers will be too happy with this!ADNFCR-2155-ID-801744719-ADNFCR

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