Britons who like to visit online gambling sites and place a wager on the latest football match or golf tournament may be wise to trade-in their mobile phone.

A new study by Juniper Research shows more than two million people around Europe are now using handsets to gamble.

The man behind the report, Dr Windsor Holden, suggests the popularity of smartphones in the modern world is even driving growth in the betting sector.

But the only way for many people to join the action may be to trade-in a mobile phone for cash and put the money towards investing in a top-quality smartphone capable of accessing gambling sites.

Dr Holden notes: "With the growth in consumer smartphone adoption, mobile users are becoming far more comfortable with m-commerce in general."

Among the devices that may be perfect for betters are the iPhone 4, HTC Desire HD and the Nokia N8, which is due to be released shortly.

Turn your old mobile phone into cash

Posted by Dan Latham

Written by Mazuma

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