The provision of 3G internet coverage across the world is becoming so strong it may be time to class a mobile phone capable of accessing the platform as a necessity among regular jet-setters.

Kester Mann, author of an article for CC Insight, explains 3G connectivity is now available at the foot of Mount Everest, emphasising its worldwide appeal.

Those who enjoy trips to top sights but wish to stay in touch with home could find the ability to email, send picture messages and browse the web for news invaluable.

And the benefits are not exclusive to visitors to remote corners of the world, such as the area around Everest.

"Even in one of the most under-developed mobile markets in the world, music downloads, internet surfing and mobile e-mail are no longer such far-fetched possibilities," notes the writer.

In the UK, the top provider of mobile broadband and 3G services is said to be Three, according to the results of a recent YouGov poll.

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