Sony Ericsson has announced it will boost its support of the Java platform, which could be good news for those with the latest phones.

Under the plans, the group will expand the level at which developers will be able to engage with the software, allowing them to create new facilities such as games and lifestyle applications.

The changes will be applied to Java connectivity on the 3G network, which could mean more options for owners of handsets such as the Sony Ericsson C510.

Rikko Sakaguchi, corporate vice-president and head of creation and development at Sony Ericsson, explained that the "exceptional user-experience and consistent performance" of Java could now be given a wider platform.

By allowing developers more access to 3G Java systems, a host of new software applications could also be made for handsets like the Sony Ericsson C905.

Also this week, the firm announced a number of new devices aimed at consumers for whom eco-friendliness was a key buying decision.

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