Mobile phone users who go out of their way to consider the environment may be perfectly suited to owning a Nokia N8 handset.

Adam, writing the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains the Finnish brand has made a few adjustments to some special models to show its green credentials.

Firstly, the limited edition versions of the N8 feature an eco apps folder, where information on the environment is available.

They also include an educational game entitled Climate Mission, while a link to the phone's eco profile can be found from the home screen.

Adam goes on to note the mobile is made from sustainable materials and comes in less packaging than ever before, all of which is entirely recyclable.

It also offers an energy-saving mode, where users can ensure the phone runs on less power than normal for a period of time.

The Nokia N8 was released recently alongside a host of other models, including the C7 and X2-01.

Written by Mazuma

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