Those who are thinking of trading in mobile phones and switching to another model could find that Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do so.

IMRG has found that the festive season tends to trigger a surge in spending on mobile technology, as online retailers benefit from a desire to shop.

In order to take advantage of mobiles, consumers may find it is worth having a top-quality smartphone in their possession.

Derek Ecclestone, research director at eDigitalResearch, said this yuletide will be the first such season that many people have had mobile shopping available to them.

"The rapid development in mobile technology and the quick uptake by retailers of mobile sites and retail apps means that more and more brands have the opportunity to connect with potential customers," he stated.

One good option for people looking to upgrade their handset could be to choose from the trio of brand new devices that Nokia this week confirmed it is releasing.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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