Consumers who are considering selling their old mobile phone for cash to put towards an upgrade could be interested in the results of a new report.

Research by mobile advertising agency AdMob found that 91 per cent of iPhone users and 88 per cent of iPod touch users would recommend their handset, in comparison to 84 per cent of Android users and 69 per cent of webOS users.

The findings also revealed the habits of people using devices, with iPod touch owners downloading an average of 12 applications a month – 37 per cent more than iPhone and Android users who download approximately nine new apps.

Six applications per month was the average for webOS users.

The survey also reported that the iPhone had a 47 per cent share of the smartphone usage in AdMob’s network in January 2010, followed by Android, RIM and webOS devices at 39 per cent.

Recycle your old mobile phone to cash

Posted by Sarah James

Written by Mazuma

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