Research has suggested that people who own Apple products such as iPhones and iPads are the most optimistic among phone owners, which could lead people to try and sell their mobile phones to get hold of one of the products.

The survey conducted by Gazelle found that BlackBerry owners are often the most negative about their futures.

Nearly a third of iPhone owners and 60 per cent of iPad owners expect the best in uncertain times and the research also found the device owners are least likely to get upset easily.

Owners of Android products are also found to be upbeat as 28 per cent of smartphone users and 36 per cent of tablet users are always optimistic about their future.

“Who knew that Apple users had such a promising outlook on life, while BlackBerry owners hardly expect things to go their way?” Israel Granot of Gazelle said.

Intersperience chief executive Paul Hudson recently suggested that smartphones are increasingly helping people get the most for their money while shopping as they can use apps to compare prices of stores.

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