Decorating and accessorising your mobile phone is almost as important as getting the right handset.

This was highlighted to Jenny Taylor who had an allergic reaction to her mobile phone cover that left her with a horrendous rash across her body.

Ms Taylor noticed her face swelling up after fitting a soft silicone Griffin FlexGrip Punch cover to her iPhone 4 and saw a "phone-shaped" sore where she had held the device up to her ear.

Tests discovered that she had developed a total of 13 skin allergies and was so bad that she was unable to open her right eye for a period of time.

As a result she is now allergic to a plethora of household items including jeans, coins and door handles.

The Griffin case can be purchased through the Apple store and despite warning the firm of its possible danger, Ms Taylor hasn't had any response.

"Since the incident with the phone case I've become a lot more sensitive to the sun," she continued.

Posted by Samantha Green

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