Apple lifted the lid on its new core device, the iPhone 6, on Tuesday evening (September 9th), and while it was the least surprising of the announcements it rolled out, the handset is likely to be its biggest seller ever. We have a look at what the iPhone 6 has to offer, and how it differs from the Cupertino giant's previous offerings. 


the most noticeable changes that most people will notice with the iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5S will be the quite jarring changes in appearance. Since the iPhone 4 came to shelves in 2010, each iteration of iPhone has looked more or less the same, but it has undergone an overhaul for 2014.

The new iPhone is noticeably bigger – going from a 4-inch to a 4.7-inch display, while it also has rounded edges, smoother curves and a redesigned home button. While this makes it look less like an iPhone (at least for now), the phone definitely looks a lot slicker, and an upgrade in design was definitely something the range has needed. 

At 6.9mm, it is also thinner than the previous handset, which gives it a modern feel more in tune with other smartphones on the market at the moment. 


Apple promises that the iPhone 6 will be 25 per cent faster in its performance than the iPhone 5S, and with an impressive array of specifications, it's not hard to see that this may well be a possibility.  The A8 processor, with 2 billion transistors and 64-bit support, will be where the magic really comes from for the device.

The one disappointment internally will probably stem from the news that Apple has decided to stick with the 1GB of RAM that it has used on other devices in the past, while most other firms have now moved on to 2GB. 

In terms of the screen, users will be looking at a 4.7-inch LED back-lit display with a 1334 x 750 resolution – which represents Apple's new retina display. 

And finally, the camera. The snappers on both the front and back of the new iPhone will be packing a punch, with 8MP available on both, making them perfect for those selfie fans out there. 

Release and Price

Price will be the main concern of most Apple fans at the moment, and the good news is its available already ahead of next week's release. The phone will start at £539 for the 16GB, £619 for the 64GB variant and £699 for the 128GB device.

The iPhone 6 will be hitting British shores next week (September 19th), and will launch in a range of colours – space grey, gold and white. Anyone eager to get their hands on the device from the launch date can pre-order from this Friday (September 12th). 

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