Many people have criticised Apple for not innovating its iPhone 5S mobile phone but it seems that the smartphone is doing better than expected.

The Cupertino manufacturer’s newest handset is outselling the iPhone 5 when it was first released, new figures indicate.

This is according to recent stats issued from Fiksu, which has been tracking the high number of iPhone users that currently use its app service.

In the 69 days that the iPhone 5S has been on sale, it has taken over 7.98 per cent of all iPhone usage, according to the figures. In the same period, the iPhone 5 only managed to steal 6.94 per cent of the company’s total sales.

However, both devices have done significantly better than the budget-friendly iPhone 5C, which has been left with a small 2.78 per cent share of the company.

The stats show that most of Apple’s customers are equipped with an iPhone 5 but this figure is slowly dropping as people pick up the company’s brand new iPhone 5S.

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