Last week’s eagerly anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London has led many experts to question whether some people will move away from Apple products.

The Android-powered Galaxy series has been hugely popular throughout the world and the new device is expected to have similar uptake.

However, with rumours afoot about the possible imminent launch of the iPhone 5, any suggestions that many people will migrate to Samsung may be wide of the mark.

BBC News website business editor Tim Weber, writing in a blog, suggested that Apple doesn’t need to improve the new iPhone much at all for there to be huge uptake on the device.

Mr Weber pointed to the fact that consumers who own an Apple phone will more often than not have a whole host of Apple products and will consequently find it difficult to move away from the brand.

“Provided Apple can raise (or make consumers believe to raise) its game, then Samsung Galaxy S3 and its gaggle of rivals will find it hard to prise consumers from the confines of the iTunes universe,” he continued.

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