New research has suggested that people who recycled their mobile phone in favour of the new iPhone 4S are currently using nearly twice as much data than on the handset's predecessor.

The Arieso study entitled Recent Smartphone Trends & Extreme Data User stated that the voice assistant is responsible for a surge in data consumption by users of the device. Siri – the voice assistant – was introduced with the 4S in October and was billed as a flagship feature for the latest device.

It also has the highest downlink data volumes of any phone measured in the study, which covers more than one million subscribers.

As well as this, the research showed that data consumption isn't spread evenly among users as a small number of people account for the surge in downloading.

Chief technology officer of Arieso Dr Michael Flanagan warned that operators need to do more to boost network performance as the increased data surge means they are struggling to keep up.

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