In response to the latest offering from Google – the Nexus 7 – Apple will be bringing out its iPad Mini in October, according to an analyst.

Pacific Crest expert Andy Hargreaves said the new iPad device will be launched later this year and will measure 7.85 inches.

It has long been rumoured that the company is developing a seven-inch version of the iPad but the company has so far not given any hints as to whether this is true.

Mr Hargreaves claimed in a report that the new device will sell ten million shipments in its first quarter to the end of December this year and 35.2 million in the whole of 2013, CNet reports.

IDC's research director of Mobile Connected Devices Tom Mainelli said of the prospect of the handset prior to the unveiling of the Nexus 7: "If Apple launches a sub-$300, seven-inch product into the market later this year as rumoured, we expect the company's grip on this market to become even stronger."

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