The number of people looking to sell their mobile phones in favour of an iPad continues to grow it seems as downloads on the devices have reached three billion in just a year-and-a-half.

In comparison with the Android tablets, which only have around 440 million downloads so far, the iPad is by far and away the market leader for people looking to recycle their mobile phone.

Research associate at Abiresearch Lim Shiyang said many people using Android tablets are still using older versions of the software, which means they are not able to download all of the latest apps.

Practice director of mobile services at Abiresearch Dan Shey added: "Android is currently being used on many low end tablets that do not offer experiences anywhere near the iPad and this dampens the download momentum for users.”

Data from analytics firm Flurry showed that over 1.2 billion apps were downloaded in the last week of December, which is an all-time high.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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