iOS 9.3: What the latest preview reveals

Apple has released its iOS 9.3 beta download, giving testers the opportunity to try out what is going to be one of the most significant iPhone updates in years. It has revealed everything from a highly anticipated night mode to a more secure Apple Notes, leaving iPhone and iPad users alike chomping at the bit for the update's official release.

But what can they look forward to when it's finally available?

Night Shift

Users of the Mac's f.lux feature will find Night Shift familiar. This feature is going to be welcomed by anyone who often users their iPhone – or iPad, for that matter – in the evenings and at night. 

What it does is tint the screen to warmer, softer shades, becoming progressively more tinted as the sun sets – in fact, it actually uses your location to make sure it fits with the local sunset exactly. This counteracts that common problem of disturbed sleep caused by staring at bright blue light just before bed – something that most iPhone addicts do on a daily basis.

The Night Shift feature is completely optional but, once it's on, you don't need to do a thing to make sure it runs correctly and gives your eyes a rest. Plus, the colour automatically returns to normal during the daytime. 

Password protection for Apple Notes

Another interesting feature is password protection for Apple Notes – something that some commentators feel has been a long time coming. The improved Notes app will give users the option to secure individual notes with a password, as well as with fingerprint ID, adding an extra layer of protection.

Plus, the new iOS gives you more options for sorting your notes – according to Techradar, you can do so alphabetically, or by date modified or date created.

Enhanced language capabilities

The new iOS can handle more languages than ever before. Siri can now understand a total of 37 languages, with new additions including Hebrew, Finnish and Malay.

Improved health dashboard

Users can also look forward to an improved health dashboard. Apple Health will now feature third-party app suggestions, and can also be integrated with Apple Watch. What this should mean for users is a wider choice when it comes to various elements of fitness tracking and, ultimately, a more integrated system that allows you to check up on your stats in a single place.

It looks like there will still be room for improvement here, though. For instance, Techradar notes that Apple Health still won't have Fitbit integration, and doesn't look set to include it in the near future either.

Additional 3D Touch shortcuts

For fans of 3D Touch, there are likely to be new shortcuts in this new iOS, with Techradar having discovered new ones to the App Store, Health and Weather preloaded apps, among others. 

3D Touch is still a fairly new string in Apple's bow. Originally released last year, it makes the touchscreen pressure-sensitive, allowing you to select different options depending on how lightly or firmly you press. 

For instance, when browsing emails, a light tap will give users a preview of an individual emails, whereas a harder press will actually open the email so it can be read in full.

Pressure-sensitive touchscreens are tipped to be among the top features for 2016, with other brands bringing out versions of the software.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801811218-ADNFCR

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