Customers that try and pre-order Apple’s new iPad 3 today (March 12th) via the Apple website will be told they face a wait of up to three weeks to get their hands on the new tablet.

The American conglomerate released the new device last week at a launch in San Francisco and since then pre-orders have gone through the roof as reports from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan suggest people in those nations will also face a delay on their tablet being shipped.

At the launch, Apple announced the new device has a ‘Retina’ display with four-times as many pixels as its predecessor and an improved processor for better graphics performance.

Experts had suggested that Apple would need to sell record amounts of the new device for it to be successful and initial pre-orders show this could happen.

Queues are now expected to be even bigger in Apple stores across the world on Friday (March 16th) as a result of the pre-order delay.

Posted by Samantha Green

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