Individuals who have had their eye on an iPhone 4 may want to sell their old handsets to raise cash to purchase Apple’s latest offering, which is now available on pay-as-you-go with Vodafone.

The new device costs £480 and could be bought with the money from selling an old mobile.

Consumer director at Vodafone UK Mark Bond said customers had requested the iPhone be made available without signing up to a contract.

“We’ll bring in additional options later in the year which will allow even greater flexibility,” he added.

The deal included a years worth of data (250MB per month) and WiFi with BT Openzone (1GB per 30-day period).

Mobile users who purchase the iPhone 4 will be able to participate in Face Time video calling, as well as being able to record video clips in high-definition.

And the smartphone also has a five mega-pixel camera with a flash.

Legal & General recently created a panic alarm app to keep mobile users safe when they are out and about.

Turn your old mobile phone into cash

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