The increased competitiveness and market share in the smartphone field could see more people trying to sell their mobile phones in order to get their hands on a brand new handset, an expert has suggested.

According to global consumer insight director at consumer trends specialist Kantar Worldpanel Dominic Sunnebo, the strength of Apple means that whenever it releases a new product up to six million people in the UK alone go out and buy it and then potentially recycle their old mobile phone.

Mr Sunnebo believes that with the shift in focus of many companies to smartphones, the market share will be much more even with an increasing number of people purchasing a handset.

“I think Nokia is going to make a big impact in 2012. I think we’ve just seen sales of the Nokia Lumia 800 kick off and the first signs are pretty positive,” he added.

According to BetaNews the joint venture between Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia – The Ace – will be launched in late March.

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