Imagine this scenario; you are wanting to check the time on your shiny, wonderful and new iPhone 6 (or any iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or any smartphone in fact), and as you go to pick up your trusty device, it slips out of your hand, in slow motion, heading closer and closer towards the floor.

The inevitable happens and as you turn your smartphone over, you realise that the screen no longer looks the same. In fact, it is completely shattered. This may all sound dramatic, but trust us, cracking your phone screen can be very traumatic, especially when it is on an expensive handset.

Now, the people of London can rest assured as the Silicon Valley-based genius company, iCracked, has arrived in the capital and we have no doubt that there are a fair few people who will be breathing a sigh of relief at this.

For those who smash their screen, all they need to do is contact iCracked who will send out a specialist iTech, who will head over to your location to replace your screen on the spot. If you aren’t too sure about letting a stranger into your home, they can meet you anywhere such as a cafe, or you can even post it out to iCracked if that would be easier to do.

It usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes for the iTech to get your smartphone back to normal. While iCracked works primarily for the iPhone range, the company can also offer repairs for Samsung devices.

To begin with, there will be 30 iTechs working in London, which is the first European city to offer the services, but there are plans for the company to move further across Britain within the following months.


Written by Mazuma

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