The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and network providers have taken steps to block 20,000 mobile phone Sim cards used to send spam text messages.

Six months ago the ICO was given new powers to help try and tackle the problem, though the organisation has admitted that it is only just beginning to scratch the surface of these issues.

An estimated eight million spam messages are sent in the UK every day, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

The ICO's new powers include the ability to execute search warrants when it believes there may be evidence of spam texts being sent, as well as issuing fines of up to £500,000.

"I've been contacted by numerous organisations offering me payment protection insurance claims, debt management claims and accident claims – don't respond," investigation's manager at the ICO David Clancy told BBC News.

This moves is part of a crackdown on spam text messages that the ICO announced in January.

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